Sunday, November 17, 2013




Relentless blur surrounds,
Leaving questions of reality.
Frustrations recurrently surface,
While inescapable doubts taunt.
The void becomes apparent,
Presence and absence are rivals.

Through performance,
Loss becomes tangible.

Intangible, examines the toll loss has on our psyche. Our experience of reality exists largely on our minds ability to process visual information. However, when sight is restricted, doubt seeps in causing a void of tangible information. This leads to the panic, fright, isolation, and lack of identity that is attached to emotions. These experiences reoccur in a variety of personal and shared perspectives.
Fragments often become the frameworks for what is perceptible. This conversation demands the concrete. It presents a deafening white space, full of memories, experiences, and truths. Continued deterioration stimulates personal recollections. The void defines the boundaries of perception and subconsciously shapes reality.

Stephanie Eley | Fall 2013

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