Friday, November 16, 2012

Winter 2013 inspiration- Shadow photography

 Shadow Photography:

I have no pre- inspiration
Cannot find photographs done already
that mirror the way i have invisioned this project.

i came up with it last night while i was indulging in a candle lit bath.
The idea that shadows have a very erie/senual provoction.


  • warp
  • follow 
  • shift
  • are long
  • light
  • short
  • wide
  • dark

i like the idea that a shadow can identify a person
but at the same time take away a persons identity.

Explore the theme of Identity

Photographs of the body
Photographs of social groups
Photographs challenging taboos
Photographs including sensuality
-gay couple
- lesbian
-lesbian couple
-heterosexual couple

Photographs of the breast
Photographs of the male organs
Photograph the differences in figure

VIA its shadows

play with different ways to light an accentuate shadows
-Candle light
-Hot light
-colored light

presented in black and white
Or saturated environment colors with black shadow

What would the tone of these images be?
-happy and playful
-sad and drone

maybe do double exposures:

Possible: photograph (a) head shot of  model (b) enviorment (c) shadow of person in enviorment

What surface would these shadows be projected on.
What significance do they have to the image
What action is being preformed
Who is my audience
How does this work communicate to my audience
Where can the work go from here.
Gallery or museum or commercial?

Inspiration for Winter 2013- PSA Smoking

 What I want to shoot:
I am an artist based out of Atlanta
I am calling you in hopes of help.
I am developing a photographic series
On the physical trauma that has effected tobacco smokers.
I plan to create a PSA bringing reality to the public through fine art.
To show what can also happen besides the promoted cancer PSA.

Smoking resources
Centers for disease control and prevention:

·      For more information, please contact
Telephone: 1-800-CDC-INFO (232-4636) TTY: 1-888-232-6348 E-mail: Web: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1600 Clifton Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30333
·      Smoking sensation        
·      1Tobacco quit now-
·      1800Quit Now- 1800 784-8669

·      Georgia-tobacco prevention program - Kenneth Ray:
o   404 657 0792
o    Email:


       Ideas from Forest:
      American Cancer society

      formulate specific plan of what i want to request to shoot.
       MY pitch

     Do mock up shoots of people not physically traumatised to present
        research what has been done as to be unique

Possibly shoot in a fashion manor, as to challenge how cigarettes have been glamorised
   and presented to society through glamour. But my series would do this with individuals who have 1st hand witnessed the true effects of smoking reflected on them.


Back up plan: shooting abtract smoke shots that construct a story of the effects.

Photo shop to create figures presenting the effects of smoking.
Inspiration artist:

 Stoffel De Roover 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oral Fixation Artist Statement

Oral Fixation

The main portal to the body,
An alluring charm to our spectator.
Diverse and cultured in its characteristics,
While similar in trade.
Still commonly flouted,
The limitations, not known.
Complex mechanics comprise our being,
Constructing a beautiful rhythm.
Fascinated by the options,
Examine the possibilities.
Slow down,
Appreciate the given.
Sinful pleasures are quietly driven,
Do not overlook.
Do not abuse,
Show pride amid care.
Intriguing and marginal,

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Working Large

I love working on a large scale.
It is exciting to see the way your work translate in a large format
The process from in camera
to in computer
to mock up drafts
all do not hold up to the beauty that is reviled through a 5 foot by 4 foot print.

But this also leads to many problems.
Dealing with handeling
Pixel quality
and storing.

I realize that i am very ambitious
I need to slow down when handeling
Making sure to have good assistance
And a full developed plan on where the print goes
once out of the printer.

Thankfully i am surrounded by a great team of men
who are willing to help me at the wee hours of 2 am.
waiting and watching as the ink is slowly applied onto the luster coated paper hour goes by.
To the end
lets catch the print to avoid dirt and dust
Only for it to get ripped.
There goes $50
Ink scratch.

I can only imagine how much trial and error goes into professional printing
How much cost is associated with  maintaining a printer
restocking ink
providing and protecting papers.

A stressful job in deed.

Finally happy with my work
I have 4 prints.
And multiple artist proofs.

Learning to break away from my self given rules has allowed me to create grids that flow
That work visually.
Breaking up with the original shot in camera cropping was a hard task to do.
But once the divorce was official
I was able to freely destruct, construct, and create.

Viewing the works at the Mason Murer Gallery Friday night was a great break from the computer screen.
I was presented with many large scale images.
Images by amazing photographers and painters
The photo realism movement is ridiculous
Extremely challenging the viewers eye on what is a photo or not.

To see large scale prints and original painting sell for $50,000 dollars was shocking.
Gourmet Reese's cups dusted in gold served with champagne, i knew this is where i would hope for my works to show one day.

As i had a brief moment of resentment towards my decision of "large" prints from the stress caused this past week...
Seeing images SIX TIMES the size of mine, reassured me to continue.
And hopefully sell one of y prints for $50,000 one day!

(an image of a horse similar to this sold for $50,000)

FYI: dont eat at Jimmy Johns.
 A hobo could make a better sub.

Keep blogging!