Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ellen and James Wedding 2017

I had the pleasure of photographing the marriage of Ellen and James a few weeks ago. They chose to have a small and intimate gathering at Pricci in Buckhead, Georgia. While they ate toasts and laughter filled the room. Stories of how Ellen grew up from her 4 siblings and relatives had everyone in laughter and a lighthearted poem from Ellen and James their 8 children had some in tears while others held their belly's in laughter. Here are a few moments from their special night.



Saturday, April 8, 2017

Artist's Space - Aryn Rosenbaum

Here is the final product of an environmental portrait I did of painter Aryn Rosenbaum in her home studio.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WindRock, Tennesee

With the turn of Spring, I spent the weekend covering a camping trip at Windrock Park in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. During the ~48 hours in the Blue Ridge Mountains our group hit the trails to experiences the off-roading lifestyle. The first day our 3 jeep tour aided each other in overcoming some steep rocky ditches where we had to strategically force our way out, avoiding tipping the jeeps or worse- rolling off the Mountian’s side as there are no guard rails. That same night, we made a few wrong turns and ended up on an ATV trail that was beyond accessible to jeeps with their bolder covered obstacles. We found ourselves stuck in the 30 degree weather of the night, lost and with low gas. But there was no fear in the 30-year-old driver mind on how to persevere. 

The second day we chose a different experience- the fun trails, where jeeps could hit large pools of mud at fast speeds. However, the jeep Cherokee couldn't handle these endeavors, flooding the jeeps engine brought our mountainside fun to a problematic halt. Thankfully one of the more robust Rubicon’s of our group was able to tow us out to a safety point where a flat bed trailer hitched us taking the Cherokee to the campsite for repair. These images are my documentation of the experiences and people I encountered on the extreme trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

                                   (click on picture to view larger)

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