Sunday, May 3, 2015

Artist: Lynx Nguyen exhibit opening

I had the pleasure to shoot for Lynx Nguyen at the L1 gallery in Atlanta Georgia this weekend.
His SCAD thesis exhibition Marks of Virtue opened May 2nd 2015 and is running for a week by appointment.

His theory behind mark making is this: 

"The repetition of line in space is a record of time, like a personal diary. When all the lines come together, it depicts one’s life journey through space and time.
In Buddhism, this is called “reincarnation.” In Science, this is called the Law of Conservation of Energy. The repetition is a metaphor for this cycle of rebirth, or better yet, the transferring of energy from one form to another. The mark is imbued with a positive energy. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy is neither created nor destroyed; it only transfers from one form to another. If we perceive this law to be the fact, then the work, when installed in a space, should generate an energy of compassion." -Lynx

His beautiful show included intricate, delicate, and monumental sculpture, painting, and line work.

Here are some of my shots from that evening.

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Stephanie Eley